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Simple Bookbinding & Eco-Printing on paper

This new course will explore how to hand make your own books, using traditional simple book-making techniques. We'll work on a few different styles of book-binding and stitching, as well as make an art book using a beautiful eco-print technique that you will LOVE.

You'll learn new skills and techniques, while being guided on how to make your own piece of papery art.

In this class you'll learn:
+ how to hand stitch a paper book
+ create prints from plants & flowers on paper
+ fold techniques for simple book making
+ use fabric, old papers, photos & treasures to create a simple art book

With step-by-step videos filmed in a conversational and informal manner, you'll feel like you're sitting in Ellie's studio with her, talking about creative making, art, craft and more.

ENROL HERE - course costs $59AU for 12 step-by-step videos and instructional information. Life time access to the course.

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