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Creativity for Slow Living: a 9-week ecourse using craft, cooking & mindful acts to bring slow & simple to your days

This new course is a culmination of my creative making and slow living. Aimed to guide you through the stress, noise and busy of everyday life I'll show you how to use simple yet brilliant tips to create pockets of slow with an aim of bringing slowness into everyday aspects of your life. This is not about meditation and stepping off the spinning wheel; instead the ideas and projects will help guide you to actually find the centre within the whirlwind of life.

During 9 weeks I'll share with you how I use craft and my innate creativity to guide our days in a slow and simple way. I'll share my experiences, my practices, and my techniques for how I manage my own business and arts practice, raise my 3 creative emotional children, contribute to my community, get to classes and groups for my personal nourishment, meet friends for tea & chats, and still have time to sit and sip my cup of tea.

Over 9 weeks you'll receive:

  • a new crafty project each fortnight, with step-by-step videos or downloadable instructions
  • a weekly printable recipe that is wholesome, delicious and simple to make - great for busy families or workaholics
  • audio story / conversation every week 
  • slow and simple living tips to bring into your life for the week
  • simple actionable ideas and tips
  • weekly downloadable printable quote / picture
  • connection to a community through a private Instagram or Facebook account
  • an ebook at the end of the 9 weeks with all recipes, projects, quotes and tips for you to print and keep a copy of.

"By using creativity to develop a slower way of living, you're allowing yourself the freedom to just be here & now. Creating something with your hands truly does that. Brings you to the moment." - a few words from some of my writings.

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Course begins on 1st November, 2017 and runs until early January, 2018. You might be wondering why I'm teaching an ecourse during the traditional busy times of November and December - I wanted to share with you how I navigate these days without stress, gracefully and (mostly!) manage to handcraft gifts for my family while still feeding my family wholesome nourishing foods each day. 

You don't need many special tools for these projects, but there are a few things you might want to purchase. I'll send you a suggested materials list for the crafty projects when you enrol, but please feel free to contact me if you have any queries. Please don't worry too much - they'll be simple, easy to find and reusable items.

ENROL NOW - $195 AU (check your currency conversion here).
Spaces are limited so that I can give you all as much attention as you need, with personal emails, Facebook or Instagram messages, and extra help as needed. After the 9 weeks you'll have lifetime access to the course and any upgrades in the future.

If you're wanting to:

  • learn how to slow down your busy days and life
  • do away with the stress of your days
  • navigate a supermarket trip without going crazy,
  • get out the door everyday without the usual stress and rush,
  • make it to the end of the school year without struggling, 
  • breeze through the usual stressful period of December (Christmas, school performances, etc, etc),
  • find space in your days to nourish yourself and your creativity,
  • notice and appreciate the joyful simple moments in your life, 
  • guide your family through slower days
  • learn to appreciate a different outlook on life
  • learn some new recipes to guide you through busy days


If you'd like to get a taster of my online ecourses, you can enrol in my Slow Stitch for free. This way you'll know if you like my teaching style, my voice, and if we connect in a creative simple way. 

Testimonials for my slow & creative courses: coming soon....