Pay What You Can is a way for me to give back to my beautiful community, by helping everyone to learn & experience new things. In the lead-up to Christmas I'd love to encourage you all to make something, learn something new, gift handcrafted items & gather friends or family together & make something. View all my courses here.

Enjoy making! And please share your making via social media, your friends or community - this is a great way to help me in my small business... you sharing with a wider audience, so we can all learn something together.

You can choose to pay any amount that feels right for you - for your current financial situation and the balance of supporting me in my creative practice and indie business. The current average amount is about $12 (all prices are in Australian $). Of course, if you can afford the full price, I am so thankful for you supporting me in my creative work.

Please tag me @petalplum and use #PetalplumMakers so I can see what you make. 

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My daughter made this beautiful raffia basket. Learn to make your own - Petalplum blog.

My 11yr old daughter made this beautiful basket.

Hand made raffia basket - learn to make your own. Petalplum blog.