Unfurl : Allow your creative voice to grow Ecourse

Unfurl : Allow your creative voice to grow Ecourse


A 5 week ecourse designed to show you how to let your creative voice shine and grow. Unfurl like a new leaf, open up and bloom!

You'll be nurtured and guided through different creative processes to tap into your own visual voice. In this over-stimulated world we live in we'll talk about being your own inspiration and sharing your creative voice in what can often be a harsh environment to step into. 

Making mistakes, over-coming fears, working through creative process and finding joy in the experience are all part of this practical course. 

Using achievable projects and practical ideas, you'll learn new ways of working and finding your creative self, combined with a little bit of magic, letting go and being generous to your soul. 

Course begins 12th February, 2018 and runs for 5 weeks. Find out more about the course here, and why it's perfect for you if you've been lost, stuck, fearful, overwhelmed, anxious or simply unsure of what direction to move towards for discovering who you are creatively and what you might become. 

This powerful course will show you how to UNFURL into your true creative self. 

UNFURL and BLOOM (join now)