Workshop Botanical Dye : Melbourne

Workshop Botanical Dye : Melbourne

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In this full day immersive workshop you’ll learn the basics of dyeing onto fabric and yarn using plants, flowers, leaves, compost and kitchen scraps. This workshop is a little bit science, a little bit art, a little bit crazy, and a whole lot of magic!

You’ll be guided to create colour using the plants and flowers around us, and shown the possibilities of your own garden once you go home. This workshop is aimed at giving you a foundation to continue your own dye practice, to continue exploring and experimenting. 

Using various dye techniques, you’ll learn different ways of creating colour and working with cloth and yarn. We’ll talk about mordants, caring for your fabrics and yarns, sustainability in textiles and more.

We’ll create beautiful eco-print pieces on both cloth and paper, using the leaves that we find around us to discover this beautiful process.

As well as various botanical dye processes, we’ll set up a natural indigo vat to provide that oh-so-heart-stoppingly beautiful blue. Combined with this there’ll be simple Shibori and mark-making techniques to create patterns on your fabric.

A sample materials kit is provided as part of the class cost, but you’ll emailed an extra list of things to bring once you book. This class is designed to work as sustainable manner as possible, and we encourage you to use what you have rather than buying a lot of expensive new materials – so don’t worry about that!

WHEN: Saturday 24th February, 2018
TIME: 10am - 4pm
WHERE: Think Thornbury, 800 High St, Thornbury, Vic

BRING a friend option - purchase 2 tickets at once for $235 per person.

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