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"Ellie has a very lovely calm, serene and encouraging teaching style. A very generous teacher in the knowledge she is giving, for a very very reasonable cost. This course is changing the way I think about carving out time for creative crafts and allowing me to explore them in a more slow, mindful and sustainable way. Thanks Ellie! X" ~ Kels @kelsosullivan


Imagine a whole year learning new skills, new crafts, new techniques & connecting with a community of like-minded creatives! Connecting heart, mind & hands you’ll learn how to make things for your home, your friends, your body, your self. You’ll learn practical how-tos combined with thoughtful essays on being creative & finding your own visual voice amongst it all.

Each month you’ll receive video how-tos as well as downloadable written & illustrated information on a different project & creative technique. Some months will include more than one technique (i.e. – basket weaving will also include easy tips on how to naturally dye your raffia), while other months will immerse you deeply into one beautiful technique. The aim of this ecourse is to grow and expand your skills, but also to spend a month dedicating to one new craft at a time. While finishing one piece per month, you’ll gain skills to keep on making and making.

You’ll receive:

  • monthly videos on different projects

  • materials list with sustainable environmental underpining

  • downloadable written & illustrated how-tos

  • access to a private Facebook community to share your challenges, questions, insights & more about creative making

  • advice, tips, help via email, Facebook or Instagram

  • essays on creative making, and finding your own visual voice

  • and much much more…..

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"As an incredibly introverted single mom of two daughters aged 16 and 11, my time is unfortunately quite limited. I have been aching to both find my community and slow down my life, eliminating the consumerism mentality and returning to the roots of ancestral principles of mending, creating useful household objects and reusing materials already on hand. I purchased this course for myself to facilitate the transformation of the story I had created around my limited time. I think all too often we as women (and moms) don't value our autonomy, our intrinsic selves and believe, regularly that we need to be doing more, faster. However, during this course a complete shift has happened for me. My time is still just as limited, but I view the time I spend making as meditative, as a form of self-care. I live in the abundance of what is around me, the knowledge that has been shared with me, the connections that are being made, are all extraordinary gifts that I profoundly treasure. I have a deep gratitude for Ellie’s wealth of knowledge, her meaningful and thought provoking conversations, and her willingness to grant us access to a bit of her heart". ~ Ashlee @pinesugar


Each month includes a different project or technique:

  • Raffia basket making
  • Botanical & Indigo dyeing
  • Fabric printing & instinctual mark-making
  • Crochet - stones, mushrooms, string bag
  • Loom weaving
  • Slow stitching
  • Book-Binding & Eco-printing onto paper
  • Paper making
  • Wild baskets
  • Hand stitched fabric lampshade
  • and lots more....

Available month-by-month or as a yearly subscription (please contact me for month-by-month payments), I truly do hope you’ll sign up for the full year to appreciate & access a whole year’s worth of slowing down, giving yourself time to create and have time for yourself. Though don’t worry, the activities are designed to fit around family life (I’ve got 3 kids myself!), and are perfect for beginners or great if you want to change up your current creative makings.



What People are saying about "The Creative Year" and my online teaching:

"What I love about the course is that it is teaching me so many techniques that I will have for a lifetime! So if I don't create all the things Ive been planning now, I can do them in a month or a year. I feel like ' The Creative Year' could have a subtitle - 'Providing you with crafty skills to last a lifetime' or something along those lines!! I love that the course allows me to go at my own pace, there's no pressure from Ellie that's for sure. Ellie seeks feedback from students on ways to improve elements of the course which is great, everyone is learning!" Stacey - @mumma_wren
"Taking time to slow down and create seems so counter intuitive to our cultural addiction to busyness. Working with this course has allowed me time to do this, and to rediscover the connection between slow living, creativity and gratitude that is truly nourishing in every way." -Sarah.
"The Creative Year has reconnected me with the power I have in my own two hands to create something of beauty" @emsellen
"I just love that I have access to a series of well planned and beautifully produced workshops I can access at my leisure at home. The course allows me take some time to pursue things I love and want to learn about. I'm much better and feel better for being part of it. Ellie's peaceful nature and delivery is a great tonic and I can't wait to learn more great stuff! Thanks Ellie" ~ Sammy D


The Creative Year is perfect for you if:

  • you want to learn how to use your hands and tap into your inner creativity 
  • you want to fit making time for yourself around your home, work or family life
  • slowing down is important to you
  • making gifts for friends, family or yourself sounds wonderful
  • learning new ways of bringing creativity to your days sounds interesting
  • discovering natural sustainable ways to work in your creative practice appeals
  • you're keen to connect with an online community and feel supported as a maker
  • you want to learn some new crafty projects and skills
"I was thrilled that you added more videos over the past few days. This is a nice touch, supplementing the material. It's value adding which you're super good at. (this course) has delivered in spades and has been a delight to experiment. Together with Instagram and your blog and your emails I feel like I'm on a journey with a heap of other lovely genuine people which is being lovingly curated by you!" ~ Stella