The Fearless-ness of Becoming 

For once you have tasted flight you will walk the Earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.
— Leonardo Da Vinci


I want to share a story with you... about how something grew inside me, and I let it bloom. I took notice of it, honoured it, and allowed it to speak clearly, rawly, honestly, openly. I did not judge or edit or second-guess. I simply allowed it by nurturing it. 

I am talking about my creative voice, my artistic expression, my inside self being let free.......

Ellie Beck Petalplum The Fearless Quilt

.....but I speak wrong - I did judge it, and question it, second-guess it and halt it. I tried to force it, and send it on a different path. I tried to tell it what it should be doing, instead of what it wanted to do or might be good at, or might find pure joy in. I tried and tried and tried. 

And the more I kept on trying, and pushing, I came through to a place of allowing. Of not having to try so hard or push so strongly. Of learning to listen and accept, and be with what the answer was. Without questioning it, or demanding something different. 

How did I do this? By just doing it. By slowly but surely coming to different answers, places, exploring new ideas, trialling new things, realising they weren't all the right things, by not putting any more rules or boundaries or expectations onto myself. By journaling, opening up, sharing, talking, listening, asking. By all the things you've just read or worked through on this course. All of these things. But over a much longer time than 5 weeks. Because becoming something takes a whole lifetime, doesn't it. But we can start in a moment, and become something new in only 3 days. 

The story of my Fearless Quilt is this : click here to read, before you continue further on this page. Because I hope that my words about my Fearless Quilt : as story unfolding for life might be an insight into where you can proceed.

Ellie BEck Petalplum hydrangea.jpeg

Here is the final project I have for you. For those of you who want accountability with this course, I'd love to see this project in my inbox within 2 weeks time. Less or more is fine - if you want to email me and we can chat about it further. But... what I'm offering is; once you send in your project you and I can work further together on a few ideas if you want. Directly via email. I'm only offering this to those of you who have 'completed' the course (in whatever way that feels best to you, but in terms of following through with your projects, your daily practice, that sort of thing). 

Project :: Courageous You!

Begin with your usual practice of how you work. Take your time to settle into your quiet and the flow of your making. As you're working, I'd love your mind to start ruminating over what your creative / art practice means to you. Is it an outlet for your voice, is it a way of making an income, is it a way of working through emotional issues... is it a combination of all these things. Allow these thoughts to evolve towards where you would your practice to take you (financially, emotionally, creatively). 

As in my Fearless Quilt thought process - which all happened within perhaps a couple of hours of quiet slow working - I came upon who I would like to work, how that could or could not fit into my life logistically, and how I could take that to a different space. What my initial thoughts of making hand stitched quilts evolved to wasn't quilts at all, but the idea of stitching - slowly slowly joining - a life together by piecing everything bit by bit. And by using what I know what from my life and my experiences and how I can share that in the world.

So :: what big project might you be able to begin that could help you work through to this idea-ing stage? 

Photographers : can you work on a self-portrait project, that might evolve your photography skills, while also open you to seeing yourself clearer. Which might in turn allow you to see how you can take these skills of looking deeply at yourself to see how you can begin to take photos of others. Perhaps this will lead to further income in family or portrait photography. Or simply deepening your love of taking photos of family members. 

Textile artists: can you begin something like my Fearless Quilt. Your own version. Or a weaving. Or something from your dye pots. Will this guide you to understand your materials and process better, and find a way to make this into something that you can turn into a 'thing' to give to the world. By having a finished project idea - like a quilt - you are stepping past the piles of fabric and joining them together. 

Visual artists: maybe you'll start a series of self-portraits, however realistic or abstract this may be it doesn't matter. What you're doing is creating a collection of your work, practicing the craft of your art, and giving yourself a space / time to move through to where this could become a exhibition, a cohesive collection.